Anna Surwillo is more than a trainer – she is an inspiration! I have been Anna’s client for years now, and my life is so much richer – and healthier! — owing to her constant uplifting energy, encouragement, and insight.
Anna excels as a trainer: she is wonderfully present and focused for every minute of your session, offering you unflagging support and assistance so you get the most out of your workout. And she will work closely with you to monitor and adjust your fitness goals as you move forward.

But beyond being a superb trainer, Anna has a remarkable holistic approach – a result of her relentless study and curiosity regarding physiology, psychology and spirituality – that makes Anna a constant friend and partner in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. She will continually discuss your daily routine, diet, and any areas of stress in your life in order to make specific suggestions to improve both your physical wellbeing and attitude.

In short, Anna is much more than an incredibly knowledgeable and motivating fitness coach, she’s “how to live life coach” – and our reliable twice
— Michael W.